ItWorks!…no really It Does!


A few months back my best friend offered me an amazing opportunity. She was already a distributor for ItWorks and she was really wanting me to join with her. I had used the products as a customer about five years prior to this, so I already knew how great the products were. But after seeing her enthusiasm I was totally on board.

We started going to networking lunches and dinners, scheduling events, and handing out business cards. I was all in! Over the past few months I started slowing down and letting life get in the way. THEN I started taking the products religiously myself and truly fell in love with them!

That being said, I have decided to start amping up my blog again and share my progress with all of you. I don’t want it to strictly be it works, but I want to start sharing my personal experiences with ItWorks through my blog because it truly is an amazing company. The owners are absolutely fantastic and caring. My upline is amazing and encouraging. The products…well…they truly speak for themselves.

images (2)

I Figure “hey I have this blog that I haven’t used in quite some time so why not use it to track my progress, do product reviews, and share my journey.” Sounds like a great idea to me! And maybe by sharing my experience with others, they will in turn gain motivation and see that they aren’t the only ones going through what they are going through. Maybe I can help others to become better versions of themselves as well.

So, keep an eye out for upcoming posts and reviews from yours truly. And please feel free to share and comment away! If you’ve ever wondered “does it really work?” well you are in the right place for answers!

Love and Peace to all!



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