CDO…*OCD In Alphebetical Order*

I will let you all in on a little secret about myself. When my house starts showing signs of messiness I begin to get frazzled. Talk to my husband and I’m sure he will back me up on this. He says I turn monstrous when things start looking out of the norm. I like everything to be in their homes, organized, and even smelling nicely. There is just something about a clean house that makes me happy right down to my bones. With three children running along beside me, I have to stay busy and on task with daily chores in order to keep my house the way I like it. If I drop the ball at all and start seeing things unravel I begin to feel out of control of my environment. This is only the top of an iceberg called Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  OCD is nothing to scoff at.

I have ticks like not walking on grates in the road or the corner of the road on the sidewalk that collects rain water because they cause me extreme discomfort. The fact that I count light poles, trees, and lines in sidewalks. I will never ever grab the first item off of a shelf or rack in a store, it has to be the third item back. I absolutely HATE touching shoe strings it literally makes me wince from the pain I get in my teeth when I do (hence my children only having velcro or buckle shoes). I truly dislike riding in elevators, using public bathrooms, touching buggys at the store, and the list goes on. If I kept going I would end up writing a book. Sometimes my husband does get a kick out of watching me do these things and we will have a good laugh. To him its just weird and funny, but to me it can cause literal pain or extreme discomfort. Laughing it off sometimes does make it easier. I will say as a side note that when people make comments like “I wish I had OCD” it upsets me because if they really knew what they were saying they wouldn’t wish it on anyone, including themselves.

I am who God made me to be. He must have a reason for giving me this to carry around. Honestly, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have OCD. Everyone has something they have to deal with. We just figure out how to make it work and life goes on.

Fact is, my house is clean and that makes me happy! =)


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