Sowing My Love

“I could have been anything in the world, but I chose to be a mom.” -Amanda Harper

My job is to keep our house in order and to home educate our children. I cook meals, I do the laundry, I make the beds, I do lessons with the children, and I clean the bathrooms, just to name a few. Sometimes, I do have those days where I really don’t feel the tug to do what I need to or maybe I’m going through my duties like a robot set on autopilot. I had this issue just a few days ago. So, I looked at it another way. I was reading my devotional and it was talking about sowing our love into the world. That got me thinking. With every meal that I cook, with every piece of clothing I put away, and with every stroke of my broom I am inscribing my heart into theirs. When my children take a bath, they know that mommy keeps the tub clean just for them. When my husband comes home and sees that I’ve worked hard in my duties throughout the house, he knows that I enjoy watching the satisfaction play across his face. Something I learned a while ago from a friend is when you are doing the dreaded task of laundry, pray for the person who belongs to the item you are folding. It gives you many opportunities to pray for everyone in the household several times that day. Ever since starting this it has made doing laundry so much easier. When I am working on my husbands PT’s or his ACU uniform he is deeply in my thoughts and I pray for everything I can think of for him. When I am folding each of my children’s set of clothing I am praying for many things such as their future spouse, their faith to be strong, that they will be kept safe from the evil one, and that they will grow in love toward one another. I take my job very seriously just like any person would their own career. Most days I do not look at my tasks ahead with utter despair, I look at them as a chance to inscribe my love for my family onto everything that I do for them. Not only do I serve my family, but I serve God in doing so.

1 Corinthians 10:31 “Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”


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