Know Peace

The family’s memory verse this week is Job 1:22 “In all this Job did not sin nor charge God with wrong.” It goes hand in hand with the children’s history/bible lesson last week when we read the account of Job and what he went through. When the kids and I were doing lessons today I continued pondering on it a little longer. The kids were working on the dreaded task of math, but moms mind was else where.

In the account of Job Satan tested God by saying the only reason that Job was a loyal servant to him was because of everything God had blessed him with. In return God gave Satan a level playing field by saying that he could do what he wanted as long as he didn’t harm Job’s person. When we were reading this last week it brought to mind our own trials and tribulations as humans today. We all go through them at some time or another and sometimes in the midst of the storm we are thinking “why?” and forget the story of Job and the lesson it has for us.

I believe that God lets things happen. Sometimes we do not know the reason He lets us go through certain trials in our lives or at least not right at that moment. More often than not, several days, weeks, months, or even years later we look back and say “OH so that’s what God was doing. Hmmm.” Plus, I think a lot of times our free will is what leads to our own demise. Some choice we made further up the road leads to the disaster at hand. At the time it seemed like a good decision to make or we wouldn’t have chosen that path.

The important part is that in ALL that Job went through, including all ten of his children dying, he did not once curse God. Instead, he became an even more loyal and loving servant to Him. What an amazing example for us to follow! When we became a follower of God’s he did not promise that it would be an easy task, only that it would be worth it in the end. God allows things to happen so that we can grow in our spirituality and learn to fully rely on Him, putting our trust in Him only. It is tough to relinquish the reins totally and completely saying “Ok, God, its all yours.” Its like a friend of mine from church used to say “Put your problem in a grocery bag, hang it on the foot of the cross, and walk away. But remember to LEAVE it there, do not go back for it. It belongs to Jesus now.” Seems more easily said than done. I know because I’m constantly going back for that darned grocery bag! It is a human thing to want to be in control of our own lives, after all we were given free will, weren’t we? So, I challenge you with this, today, instead of looking at the storm you are going through and saying “why, God, why me” bow your head and say “God, I cannot do this anymore. You are the sovereign ruler of all things and you know better than I. I leave this in your care.”  No God. No peace. Know God. Know peace.


All Will Know That You Are My Disciples

My family and I attended the Spanish Service at our church this morning and it occurred  to me that language and race simply does not matter to God. Yes, I know we should already be aware of that, but it just really struck a chord in me today. As I was following along with my English responses and listening to the others reply in Spanish it made my heart smile. God does not care at all what color our skin is or what language comes out of our mouths when we are praising him so why do we, as Americans, discriminate against other races, cultures, and religions? Obviously not all of us do, but more often then not I hear things like “I live in America, I should not have to press 1 for English.” or “You’re in America now so you need to speak English and not Vietnamese.” Why? Why do we keep extending our boarders? Why do we try to keep everyone out and not accept them in? Why do we frown upon others speaking in their native tongue? Why can’t we just open our arms and accept them as Jesus would? We are all God’s people. We are all of his creation. It shouldn’t matter if you are black, white, or purple with yellow polka dots. We all love God and want to serve him as best we can. I will not lie, I am  guilty of discrimination. However, I have been rethinking things a lot lately and I am really trying to see all things through Christ’s eyes. I want to love people as Christ loves people, I want to help people as Christ would help people, and I want to live a Christ-like life. I don’t see a better place to start then to open up my arms to all people of every nationality and race. John 13:34-35 “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another. By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” Love does not see color nor language.