Mission Homeschool- Part 1

When one of my friends told me about a year ago that she was going to home school, I told her “Oh no, there’s no way I could do that. I LOVE my “me time” when the kids are in school and there is no way I would give that up.” Now, I look back at that statement and think “WOW, how incredibly selfish of me!” When we were going through the thought process of deciding if homeschooling was the right decision for our family I came to the conclusion that there will be sacrifices I will have to make. I will have to back off of my Scentsy business some, I will have to relinquish my Starbucks dates with my coffee and Nook, and I will have to let go of my daily shopping trips (which my husband is absolutely thrilled about). I think that the hardest thing for me is not the fact that I will have to teach my children because in reality I do that already, but that I won’t have any free time for myself. I talked with a friend from church today and she said “You will have to make time for yourself. There is always someone who can help, especially people at church. Including me.” She’s completely right. I don’t know why I even let it get to me. I guess its that I’m not used to having all 3 kids 24/7. This will be a new challenge for me. I know that with God all things are possible so I just have to have faith that He will get me through all the days ahead.

Those of you who know that my son has aspergers and has been around us for any period of time can see how chaotic our life can be. Its not that I don’t absolutely LOVE spending time with my children because I do, its just that it can be challenging. There is ALWAYS the potential meltdown looming around the corner, the sensory overloads, and the aggression which go hand in hand with his rage (and also is part of the reason I’ve decided to home school him in the first place). However, the awesome thing about being able to make up our own schedule is that I can schedule his therapies ANY TIME OF THE DAY and I can schedule them more frequently because I wont have to worry about him “missing too much school”. That part I am excited about because it means more help for him!

Part of mission 1 was getting our school year, holiday breaks, and so on planned and on paper. I can now check that off the list. Yay! We are getting somewhere. Another part was picking out curriculum. Wanna talk about feeling overwhelmed! I’ve never seen so many options for something in my life! I researched, researched, and researched some more and STILL felt like I was getting no where. SO, I closed out all the windows on my screen walked away and prayed. I decided that God would show me where to go. The next day I went and bookmarked the pages of the ones that really interested me, step one, done. That night I prayed some more, step two, done. I then searched homeschool on my Nook (simply out of curiosity). A novel popped up called The Homeschool Experiment. Hmm this looks interesting, I thought, and its only $8. I purchased it and started reading it. Instantly I felt a connection with this poor woman who was trying to figure out her first year of homeschooling. I kept reading…then all of a sudden it was talking about the very same curriculum’s that I was looking at for my own kids. BAM! Sign from God! I am definitely on the right track! Sometimes, you seriously just have to back off and give Him the steering wheel. Now I can say that the next step, choosing curriculum is checked off the list! Oh Yeah!

I finally feel like we might be getting somewhere. I am not completely ready by any means and things are subject to change, but I still have around 2 months before I need to really start anything anyway. However, as my friend Jessie calls me, Miss Polly Perfect must get a head start on things and have everything perfectly organized WAY in advance. I do pride myself on this one characteristic anyway **big cheesy grin**.  With that being said, I am well on my way to let the schooling begin!


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