The Truth About Beauty

Ive heard it said “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, well, Ive beheld myself in a mirror and beauty is not always what I see. What is beauty, really? Is it those distorted images that we see in fashion magazines of women with bone protruding from their bodies? Or is it that woman in the store who sports the child bearing hips and thick thighs? Or wait, maybe its that woman who is trying to shop for clothes in the plus size department with a look of disappointment on her face? More often than not we allow society to dictate what true beauty is. And usually its a size 0. However, your beauty is what you make it.

I’ve been going through this journey recently. It started with my new year’s resolution of being healthy and learning to love myself, just as I am. Ive taken necessary steps and I have seen results. No, I did not resolve to “lose weight”. I just said that if that was a side effect of being healthy, then all the more better. In the past month I have lost 7 lbs all because I wanted to take the steps to be a healthier me. I have eaten (mostly) right, I have exercised (yoga & walking), taken my vitamins, and I have started my own “Love My Body” regimen. 

Here’s the skinny, I have hated my body. When I had my first child at 18 I lost my flat tummy, thin waist, and luscious thighs. To me, I was ugly and fat. I do understand that there are others larger than I am that always say “I cant believe you think you are fat.” Well, everyone sees themselves different than others do. We judge ourselves more harshly. Its just a fact of life.

I decided to jump off of the “I Hate My Body” train. It was speeding out of control. I was letting it affect how I dressed, how I acted, how I approached my husband, and ultimately it affected my marriage. I have learned a few tricks since starting this journey. After I shower, I lotion myself from head to toe and then stare at my body in the mirror. I try extremely hard not to judge myself, although I do lose that battle from time to time. Every day I pick one thing about my body and say at least one good thing about it. For example, I love my wrists. They are dainty and feminine. I also bought some really nice undergarments and at night, I walk around in them. I would never do this in the past. The less time I spent out of my clothes the better. But now I walk around freely.

Another thing that has helped me tremendously is the fact that I am a product of God. He hand crafted me in His image, Genesis 1:26 saysThen God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness”. Who am I to judge His work? I am a simple nobody, a grain of sand among many. Do I put myself on the same plane as God so as to judge His handiwork? No, surely not. I have had to step back and look at myself, not through my faulty, human eyes, but through God’s most perfect eyes.

Next time you start judging yourself so harshly, take a step back, see yourself as God sees you, and look at the wonderful creation before your eyes. You are how he intended you to be. You are His creation. There is no one like you. You are beauty.


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