A Mother’s Love

The one thing I love more in life than anything else is being a mother to my 3 children! They are so amazing! I can be having the worst day and in an instant they turn it around. Yes, its rough at times with 3 youngsters, especially while your husband is gone thousands of miles away on missions and you are the lone parent of the family, but at the end of the day whatever made me upset with them, however they misbehaved, or didn’t listen, or were mean with each other, I look at them and think “WOW! These kids are such a blessing!” Now, truth be told, I am a normal mom who, at times, gets aggravated or annoyed, that’s life. But I can say that the good times with them outweigh the bad by a long shot.

Before I had kids, I never knew a love like this existed. And with each one, I questioned “Will I love this one as much as much as the last? Is there enough room in my heart for them all?” Its amazing how big your heart can grow and how much love you can have in it for everyone special in your life. One thing is for sure, you will never love anyone like you love your children.

“Your children are each a piece of your heart walking outside of your body.”


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