My Turn

This is a poem I wrote my husband during our first year long tour together.

My Turn

The holidays are coming,
the wind is getting cold.
I have two loads of laundry
waiting on me to fold.

The children are asleep
Lying in their bed.
But Im awake still thinking
Of the one I wed.

Though several miles apart
He said Im his forever.
As he left I gave my word
That to leave him I would never.

On Thanksgiving I cut the turkey,
The computer on the rack.
As my husband is in his bunk
On the webcam in Iraq.

Theres a swelling in my heart
As I turn to ready the pie.
He says for me to look at him
As Im dabbing at my eye.

He tells me hes home in spirit
And that no matter how far apart
He will always be with me
Deep down in my heart.

This life that we chose
Is deffinately not easy.
Im lucky to have kids
That really keep me busy.

With each and every day
My love for him grows.
Even if on Christmas,
Im alone to hang the bows.

All I want for new years
Is my husband by my side.
But the General of the Army
Says alone I must abide.

My pain is hard to bear
As my hands are staying bound.
But Im waiting on my turn to run
Toward those boots that hit the ground.

Writen by: Amandagrace Harper

Friday, November 20, 2009 at 11:26am


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