I’m the girl

This is a poem I wrote about being an Army wife. My husband is on his second year long tour and sometimes just writing things out helps those lonely feelings when all you want is your husband home.

Im the girl you see at the grocery store standing in the isle holding his favorite box of cereal with tears running down my face.

Im the girl at the post office juggling 2 heavy care packages, a stroller, and two young children.

Im the girl who cancels her plans because its been days since shes heard from her husband so she refuses to leave her post…by the phone.

Im the girl who was invited to dinner with her friends and their husbands who has a smile on her face but is secretly hurting inside.

Im the girl who can fix dry wall, change a tire, fix a broken dryer, unclog a toilet, and hang pictures.

Im the girl at the airport introducing our baby to her daddy for the first time.

Im the girl who gets on her knees every night asking God to bring him and all the troops home safe and as quickly as possible.

Im the girl at the stoplight who doesnt realize its turned green because shes looking at her phone…again.

Im the girl who can turn an ugly white-walled government house into a home in a matter of days.

Im the girl who colapses onto the floor, when the kids are fast asleep, because she doesnt know how much more she can take. So she prays and cries to her hearts content.

Im the girl who is left behind, who is mommy and daddy, who is the medic, the cook, the maid, the taxi, the lawn service, the mender, and the plumber.

Im the girl who sobs every time she hears our countrys anthem and who tears up just at the site of the American Flag flying proudly.

I am a soldier’s wife.

Written by: Amanda Harper



4 thoughts on “I’m the girl

  1. danadeemc

    When my husband left for his 4th (my first) deployment I cried when I noticed his flip flops weren’t outside our door anymore. It was ridiculous, but it broke me.

    Hang in there!

    1. Thanks! This is our second deployment, but our third military separation. Our first was 10 months, I was pregnant with our second child and delivered alone (that to me was the hardest). This deployment I gave birth to our third child again ALONE lol. I get those night where I really miss him but most times I’m ok. Its just when I had the 2 girls without him I was really emotional because I knew he was missing out on so much. I do know that writing out how I feel definitely helps alot.

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