Who is Amandagrace?

I am a mom of three beautiful children and four wonderful step-daughters. I share a life with an amazing man who has shown me what it really feels like to be loved and cherished. I am a lover of books, the outdoors, and Buddha. I am spiritual, not religious. I’ve traveled a long difficult road in my short time here on this planet, but I’ve learned a lot. I love to be where water is. I grew up minutes from the beautiful beaches of Florida and now I like to spend my time in the Guadalupe River or Canyon Lake. I’m happiest when my house is clean and tidy. I thoroughly enjoy spending time with my family. I’m in love with all things Alice In Wonderland. I am outgoing, I am happy, I am a mom of many messy beings, and I’m in love with this thing called life.

I recently decided to go back to blogging so it’s all over the place right now. But come with me as I fall down the rabbit hole and travel the road to my many adventures!


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